jeudi 4 octobre 2012

La Poste - pliage

On this commercial made at Digital District, I setup and animated all the sets in the scene with 3dsmax. I used skin ffds and staked pointcaches and a lot of animation tricks. The last scene ( when the whole the city becomes a logo ) was really a challenge !
vimeo link : "LA POSTE - Pliage - directed by Edouard Salier -"

mardi 27 mars 2012

Cloclo the movie

At Digital District, I animated a lot of realistics spectators
in the Royal Albert hall and Olympia scenes.

lundi 28 novembre 2011

Wisemen figurines acting

For this "wisemen acting animation" i rig and animate the three characters.
For the first time we use at Akama studio my new the "Picker" interface on production.
Picker is very usefull to :
- select the character controls,
- switch arms ik/fk and keep the pose of the arms.
- reset the characters controls
- do the symmetry of arms or leg poses
- copy and paste poses

Final result is here CADEAU ROYAL

Volkswagen Making Off online

Akama studio post today the making off of the Hedgehog I built for the Volkswagen commercial :


Rig and animation was made with 3dsmax.

lundi 7 novembre 2011

Commercial for Volkswagen

I am very proud of my last project : the VW commercial.

Here is a pictures of the hedgehog rig , I have done at Akama Studio.

The mesh with the controls shapes :

The mesh with the rigged bones inside :

In the same time I continue to develop my maxscript interfaces "Picker" and "Rig Creator", these allow me to create characters rigs more faster on 3dsmax.

lundi 12 septembre 2011

a "Picker" for 3dsmax animators

I am actually working for commercials as animator and rigger. In the same time, I begin to develop a maxscript interface that allow to easily select controls, reset them, make the symmetrical pose.
I named it "Picker"